Let it go!

     There are times in our lives when we may struggle with letting things go!  It maybe a grudge, a disagreement, a bad relationship, an old relationship or friendship, a dead end job, or any contributing factor that’s hindering our ability to move past “it”! Just know whatever your “it” is, you are bigger than “it”!  It is normal to have specific feelings about things that are bothering us, but we must move beyond those feelings. We can not allow the very things that we do not like to inhibit us from gaining what’s better for us! Your destiny awaits you, which means you can’t be boggled down with mess! Never carry drama, disassociation, and despair with you when it deals with living your very own life! Live your life freely without the incapacitation of suppressed negative feelings and emotions!

     We must learn to express our feelings adequately! I find it easier to simply communicate what’s bothering me verses holding it in and pretending that everything is ok.  You must learn to simply deal with things head on instead of carrying it over into your day to day life.  This will only lead to built up anger, resentment, and other negative emotions.  A clear mind will give you so much peace! Fighting a battle with yourself or others will not allow you the pleasures of happiness.  Holding onto to negative thoughts and expressions, the would’ve, the could’ve, the should’ve will only make matters worse for yourself.

    Release people and things of your past, make up your mind that what is behind you doesn’t deserve or need your energy.  Free yourself from the things and the people that attempt to ruin your mood, everyone doesn’t want to see you smile, so smile anyway and smile on purpose! Things will occur that are very intentional at ruining your happiness, but true happiness starts within yourself, and when you are truly happy with yourself nothing anyone says or does negatively against you will negatively affect you, it will only make you stronger.

     Rise above the drama, rise above the hate, rise above the lies, rise above everything negative that is affecting your mind and your spirit! Shine through the despair, and live your life for you! There is not a person on this earth that owes you anything, but you owe yourself every bit of the happiness that you deserve!  Never allow someone or something to rob you of your joy! We are what we think and we are what we surround ourselves with; clear your head and your life of mess and enjoy it peacefully!

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