When your purpose meets deception!

In order to get to where I am currently in my life I obviously had to go through some things and those things strategically occurred at a time when I least expected it.  I am a believer that nothing happens to you by chance, things align to occur in your life when time manifests it for you.  God has our appointed time where he allows things to take place in our lives.  We go through things to make us stronger, to grow, and to endure the many possibilities that life may throw at us.  From these experiences we learn that with faith and perseverance we can conquer anything, even when we may have felt defeated.

I have been placed in situations where I have been tried and tested and me being human I have given attention to things that I should have ignored.  People will do things to interrupt your peace, your joy, and your happiness.  They will not like you publicly, but be inspired by you privately.  People will attempt to defame you, but imitate the very characteristics that they don’t want others to see in you.  I had to realize that people act out from a place that they can relate too, and that place is not always a pleasant one, so they will try and displace this negative energy onto you.

We can not make others see themselves for what they really are, that is not our responsibility.  People have to look in the mirror and truly see themselves not only externally but internally.  It is easy to portray being what someone wants to see on the outside, but on the inside they are fighting to distinguish between the reality of their bitterness and negative thoughts and the disgruntled actions that they display towards others. I can not mend the broken pieces of others, nor will I waste my time trying to solve their tainted puzzle.  I now simply ignore their negativity, and move on in my purpose.

The enemy does not want you to carry your purpose to it’s full potential. He wants you to lack so that you can not enjoy the joys that the Lord has promised you.  When people see your greatness, they may become intimidated by it and fear that you will become greater than them. So they go out of their way to try and ruin it for you all while making recruitments along the way.  You should never give anyone or anything this much power over you and your purpose. You are not what others may think of you, but you are what you think of yourself.  Push through the hate, push through the lies, and push through the opinions of others. Your purpose belongs to you and not them! Focus on yourself and ignore the rest! Your purpose is not their purpose so keep pressing forward!





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