You will blossom whether they water you or not!

     At times it may seem as if no one is rooting for you, and your dream of achieving success may seem a little bit cloudy.  So cloudy that you may feel like throwing in the towel and just completely giving up.  Who is to say that just because others are not rooting for you, that your dreams can not be successful? You should be so focused on achieving your success that you have no room to worry about who isn’t rooting for you.  Your dreams and your success are not for everyone and that’s just how it is, but your dreams and your success do belong to you and it is completely up to you to drive it to wherever you want it to go!

     You determine how successful or unsuccessful you are going to be by pushing your dreams forward and acting on them, or you simply hinder your success by assuming it’s going to be given to you without putting in the work and the effort. You have to understand that no one will see your dreams as you do, so don’t expect others to validate them for you! Sometimes you have to encourage yourself, motivate yourself, and celebrate yourself.  As long as you know what you are achieving, no one has the power to make you doubt yourself or your success! A win is a win no matter how big or how small it maybe, and every step that you take to achieving and making your dreams come true is an absolute win!

     So don’t ever tear yourself down, or compare yourself to others based off of their success, you are your own flower and you will blossom into greatness as long as you take the necessary time to nurture yourself! You can not lack what you are instilling into yourself; never allow others to starve you of what you should be supplying for yourself! If you depend on others to validate you, you are giving them the power to control you. You should think so highly of yourself that it doesn’t matter who isn’t for you, because no one is due an explanation of what makes you successful.

     People will have their own opinions of you and for you, and they are not always good, but their opinions are not what determine who and what you really are. Your aspirations in life should not be based off of someone’s mere acceptance of you! No one has any place to put you along your journey of success. Pave your own way, and stay the course! Your success belongs to you and only you, and it is depending on you to establish how great it will be!


~Author Erika P. ❤️


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